Cultivating confidence,
self respect, and assertiveness.


The mission of The Girls Empowerment Workshop is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and INSPIRE teens by raising awareness, developing communication skills, and cultivating self respect.

It is easy to tell girls “Be strong” “You are beautiful” “You are capable” “Don’t do this…” “Do this…” “Don’t worry about that” “Who cares what others think”… etc. What is missing much of the time is 
the mission to instill self worth. How do we raise a girl to feel she is worthy — worthy of good friends, worthy of healthy relationships, worthy of speaking her mind, worthy of being heard, worthy of her dreams, worthy of trying something nobody else has done?

“Thank you for the opportunity to share with these young women, trusting in us and bringing us all together…How brave all these young ladies are. Brave to be so open and trusting, to share. I think we all walked away feeling more human and not so alone.”

Carolyn Murphy, Guest Speaker : Super Model

“I thought it was brilliant. I’ve had a lot of friends who had eating disorders and emotional problems… you could ask questions about anything and they would answer you.”

Taylor : Workshop Attendee

“Being a guest speaker at The Girl’s Empowerment Program was a truly soul-warming experience that inspired a new sense of connection for me. What a beautiful evening to share trials, tribulations, and truth with open-minded young women. The Girl’s Empowerment Program shares the core importance of compassion and authentic community support that is needed for young individuals to grow.”

Caitlin Roe, Ambassador

“You girls are awesome! Our last girls group ends March 5th, I am inflamed it has ended so soon but am so lucky I’ve had a chance to take part in the workshop. I can now go out into the big bad world feeling bold and confident. Thank you for your wisdom and strength.”

Haley : Workshop Attendee