Workshops for Boys only!

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Our workshops travel throughout the Ojai Valley (And beyond) where we provide annual programming to teens aiming to educate, empower and inspire teens by raising awareness, developing communication skills and cultivating self respect.

Our workshop goals are achieved through interactive, facilitated lessons and discussions with trained facilitators, focusing on issues surrounding teen in today’s world. Throughout the workshop sessions the teens practice and develop communication skills, and learn the importance of being able to assertively communicate about their body, their feelings and their lives.

Teens who are empowered with the information taught in this program are better equipped to make positive choices and educated decisions regarding their bodies and their lives. To value themselves and be in charge of their lives by being assertive, speaking their mind, believing they are worthy of being a part of healthy relationships, listening to and following their heart, and walking their own path.

Meet the Boys Empowerment Workshop Lead Facilitator:

Casey Murphy

CASEY MURPHY  joined our team in the Fall 2012 as Lead Facilitator for The Boys Empowerment Workshop. He is an experienced instructor with teens in outdoor & wilderness education, rehabilitation therapy and yoga. Casey has been working and learning with youth for 15 years now. He spends most of his days working with teens in Ojai exploring, bowmaking, tracking, listening and yoga. Becoming a mentor for teens is a passion for him.

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