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While researching Feminism

By November 5, 2014 One Comment

While researching Feminism for an upcoming project, I find myself saddened by the level of fear in the Anti-Feminist movement, Which at its core, Feminism simply advocates for social, political, and economic equality.I have some questions for the Anti-feminists:

Where are we as a world on the following issues, and is there work to be done?

1. Domestic Violence
2. Sexual Assault Statistics
3. Reproductive Freedom
4. Media Representation
5. Sex Trafficking

The Feminist movement has been key in establishing services for victims of sexual abuse, domestic abuse, Reproductive health and safety.Amazing groups of Feminists are responsible for an increased representation of strong female characters in the movies we watch, which allows young girls to see possibilities expand beyond sex symbols, and traditional roles.Children, the majority girls, are being bought for sex. The youngest documented girl rescued from a brothel, that I am aware of, was 2. If our world continues without Feminism, these types of issues may not be addressed. Feminism is the idea that we are equal and worthy, and therefore should not be bought and sold, or even married off at young ages.Feminism does not aim to emasculate men, It empowers Men by holding them accountable, and opening up the equality field provides more opportunity for men too. Feminism does not degrade marriage, it allows women to be an equal part of a relationship within the household. Feminism does not “reprogram people against their biological tendencies”, it allows people the freedom to live openly with their sexuality. It allows all families to be respected as families, and receive the same rights and care “traditional” families receive. The changing of women’s roles in a family does not erode family values, it allows fathers to take an active role in parenting, and allows mothers the opportunity to join the work force and contribute to their societies in whichever way their passion drives them. And also of importance, Feminism does not aim for superiority over men, it aims at a world where men and women can work together to make the world a better place. I know NOT ONE Feminist, MALE or female, who aims to destroy masculinity, only to help redefine it, so that men are not stuck in specific gender roles which only allow them the expression of a limited set of socially accepted characteristics.I embrace Feminism, and I thank all the people who fought and are fighting for Feminism. Some people have risked and lost everything they held dear in this fight. Some people have lost the respect and acceptance of the people around them, but it matters that much. It take courage to be a Feminist, and I would like to see more young people step up, learn more about what it actually means to say Yes, I am a Feminist, Yes, I believe in Feminism, and YES, we still need Feminism today.

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