The Empowerment Workshop aims to educate, empower and inspire youth by raising awareness, developing communication skills and cultivating confidence & self respect.

The Empowerment Workshop offers many programs, including our 8-10 week workshop for 7-12th graders, wilderness and nature based adventures & workshops, global outreach programs, workshop alumni & community opportunities, and more… For information on our current workshops Click Here.

Our 8-10 week workshops for 7-12th graders include the following:

Self Worth & Respect
Communication Skills & Assertiveness Training
Bullying & Sexual Harassment
Media Literacy & Social Media
Implicit Bias, Racism & Privilege
Body Image, Eating Disorders & Self Care
Anxiety, Depression, Self Injury & Suicide
Comprehensive Sex Education:
Gender & Sexuality
Consent, Safer Sex, Birth Control, Postponement
Sexual Assault Awareness & Education
Sex Trafficking Awareness & Education
Healthy Relationships and Relationship Safety
Personal Safety, Assertiveness & Self Defense Instruction

Outside of our main 8-10 week workshops, we offer a variety of empowerment opportunities for youth...

8-10 Week Education Series for 7-12th graders

1-2 Day workshops – Topic based

Workshop Alumni Leadership & Mentorship Opportunities

Nature based experiences including Mountain biking & Hiking Clubs

Wilderness Retreats & Adventures

Special Events

and more…

All classes maintain respect for individuality & personal rights, including, and not limited to, race, gender, religion, allowing open discussion without judgement. Put downs and disrespect will not be tolerated.