SUZANNE FELDMAN, Ojai Valley Youth Foundation Liaison

Suzanne is on the Board of the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation, a youth organization supporting The Girls Empowerment Workshop and other programs aiming to support and inspire youth in the midst of their tumultuous teenage years. She has over a decade of experience in non-profits; everything from running a no-kill dog shelter in Santa Barbara to advocating for the Los Padres National Forest to getting kids out into their local watersheds with State Park environmental education programs. In all of her past positions, as well as her undergraduate and graduate studies, Suzanne had a focus on education and involving youth. Her passion has found its home with the Youth Foundation programs and kids they serve.

“I cannot express the joy I felt being part of The Girls Empowerment Workshop; I was witness to friendships beginning, confidence expanding, self-respect blossoming, and plain old fun at every session. This program embodies my personal belief that through open, respectful conversations we give our children the greatest gift, knowing that someone cares and that they are essentially and forever worthy of it. The experience of a program like The Girls Empowerment Workshop is invaluable for youth.”