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When I was in elementary school my parents got me a book, I cannot remember the title, but I remember the blue cover with stars on it, and weight of it, the whiteness of the pages. It had a meditation for each day of the year, but there was one in particular that I read over and over and over and over…
It was the story of a young boy walking along the ocean shore. The tide had gone down and there were starfish drying in the sun along the sand as far as one could see. He started picking them up, one by one, throwing them back into the ocean.
An old man came up, and laughed at this young boy, saying, “What are you doing? There are starfish drying on the shore as far as one could see. You won’t possibly make a difference.” The young boy picked up another starfish, threw it into the sea, and with a smile upon his face, said to the old man, “Maybe not, but I made a difference to that one.”
This is relevant in everything we do. Where we shop. What we buy. Who we encourage, who we support. Where we give our time, to whom we give our time. Seeds we plant that we may never see grow. Is it a human condition that we don’t feel worthy unless we are doing something BIG? It all counts. BIG, SMALL… There are endless opportunities to make a positive impact in small ways.
Put a little action toward the things that flutter around in your heart

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