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chopsAs Mother’s Day approaches I’m reflecting on the inspiration behind the creation of The Girls Empowerment Workshop. The unrelenting need to make the world a better place for my daughter and the unrelenting need to make my daughter strong for a world I might be too small to change and in turn she changed my world and the drive to empower girls grows. I love Mother’s Day because I think about all of the women who have been a part of my daughters life and I hope they know how important their role has been in the life of one girl, and raising independent, strong, healthy girls takes all of us. We are all mothers to the girls in our lives, imparting wisdom, experience and example, and in turn we see girls growing up achieving things generations before us never imagined being possible. This Mother’s Day weekend and always, never underestimate the value of your life on others. Thank you to all the women and girls who have been a part of my daughters life. Thank you too all of the women and girls who are a part of my life, thank you to my mom and her quiet and endlessly strong example and thank you to my most beautiful daughter for the gift of being your mom, and the inspiration your life has filled me with.

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