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Please tell me if there’s a booger in my nose!

By November 10, 2014 No Comments

Last week I noticed the people I greeted at the coffee shop taking doubt takes. While waiting for my latte I went to the bathroom and under the fluorescent lights realized I had put on enough blush to perform as a circus clown. The lighting in my house is awful, and my blush appeared to be just fine under the outdated lighting. Yikes. Yesterday I had a professional meeting and did not realize until I got in my car and glanced in the mirror that I had not rubbed my face lotion in all the way, in fact, it had gathered in my nostril and stayed there. Lovely. A few months ago, I noticed an older gentleman coming from the bathroom with his fly down. It took some courage to let him know, and when I did he thanked me wildly, and explained that he was going through chemo for prostate cancer and had a lot on his mind.Why is it so hard to let people know they have lettuce in their teeth, toilet paper on their boot, shaving cream on their earlobe??
Isn’t it more embarrassing to get home and take a mental note of all of the folks you encountered while a booger did a dance in your nose right in front of them? So, please if you see me, and I have circus paint on my cheeks, or an overachieving rascal of a booger, let me know. I will probably be embarrassed, but I will appreciate it.

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