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Miss Curvy Teen?

By November 10, 2014 No Comments

I saw a post this morning about a young girl winning “Miss Curvy Teen” contest. As much as I can appreciate where they are going with this idea, it still bothers me that the title represents the young girls’ body. I don’t know much about the contest, or what characteristics one must have to win, I am assuming one must be a leader, kind, involved in their community, successful in school, etc… qualities that should be in the title. We must get away from the image/ physically descriptive part of these young girls in order for them to grow up knowing it is who they are which matters so much more than what they look like. Curvy, skinny, plus, petit, is it possible these words can exit our vocabulary? If we are trying to teach these girls that what is inside matters so much more, than we have to do it right. WHO are you? WHAT do you think about? What are your GOALS? How are you contributing to your family, community? Change our words, our conversation, our titles

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