DENISE RAZANA MOROKE, Workshop Facilitator

Denise began her involvement with TGEW in early 2015 as a volunteer. She has since been an active volunteer and co-leader of the program, and is currently training to be a workshop facilitator. She holds her BA in Psychology and is working towards an MA in Counseling from Cal Lutheran University. Her passion to work with students has always been a part of her, and has grown over the years. She is an avid reader, enjoys trying new hobbies and always trying new recipes in the kitchen. Her goal is to continue teaching others about the mission of TGEW and help it expand into schools that are not being served.

“Each time I step into a workshop I am amazed to see the wonderful growth each student experiences throughout the sessions. I am reassured that the time and energy we put into each and every session is truly worth it. I am excited to see what more is to come!”