CHIANY DRI, Board of Directors, BIPOC Educator & Advocate, Curriculum Developer and Workshop Facilitator

Chiany Dri is an anti racism educator and activist, passionate community organizer, and curriculum developer. Her work includes running community workshops on racism and implicit bias, developing curriculum for the Empowerment Workshop, and training educators in leading conversations on racism, bias, and intersectionality in the classroom. When she’s not advocating for a kinder world, she’s raising her family and baking desserts to share with all. Through her work she has empowered so many others to do anti racism work within their organizations, their families and their social circles. Chiany is a skilled public speaker with a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the systems in place that oppress people of color and amplifies this with her passion and fearlessness. Follow Chiany and her Anti-Racism work on Instagram @Impact4Justice