CHEYENNE JENSEN, Self Defense Instructor and Workshop Facilitator

Cheyenne’s background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing provided the foundation for skilled and effective instructing at her family gym, Ojai Valley MMA. Cheyenne is passionate about self defense training as a means of empowerment for girls and women. Cheyenne has worked in collaboration with TGEW and Ojai Valley MMA to facilitate self defense training for the girls in our programs and community. She is also a workshop facilitator for TGEW and has contributed curriculum for an LGBTQ+ educational workshop. Cheyenne is currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, where she continues to pursue her passion for educating young people to make empowered decisions in life.

The Girls Empowerment Workshop is proud to have collaborated with Cheyenne Jensen and her amazing women’s self defense team of Ojai Valley MMA who provide ongoing Self Defense & Assertiveness Workshops for the girls and women in our workshops and throughout our community.

Contact Ojai Valley MMA at (805) 798-5564 or stop by to sign up!