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Being 40

By November 10, 2014 One Comment

My son and I went to go see ‘Heat’, and during the scene where Sandra Bullock is dancing with a criminal, he says to her, something to the effect of, “you are the first woman over 40 who has given me a boner”… This pissed me off. First of all, ageism aside, I am getting so tired of the sexualization and objectification of women in these movies, secondly, I am 40, and I feel more intelligent, more capable, physically healthier, more emotionally balanced, and more sexually assertive and confident than I ever have. This should be what we celebrate, a girl becoming a woman, but what our culture celebrates is a woman who can LOOK a girl as long as possible.”A real woman of substance is someone who does her best to love and accept not only those around her, but also love and accept herself. It’s your wrinkles after a lifetime of smiling, your neck after craning your head to look at the sun, and your stomach after giving birth that makes you so beautiful.”

No More: a high schooler’s perspective on More magazine’s treatment of middle-aged women

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