Thrive Wellness Workshop

A nature based, therapeutic experience

What kind of a workshop is it?

Thrive Wellness Workshop is a nature-based therapy group where we gather a group of children, adolescents or adults outdoors and work together to deepen our connection to nature and ourselves. Through the de-stressing power that nature brings us, we focus on teaching self-care, healthy coping skills and deeper well-being  as we engage in nature hikes, group discussions, mindful activities, and lessons in basic safety and respect for nature. We aim for each participant to learn the joys of being in and caring for nature, and to leave the workshop feeling more connected, empowered and wild! We hold several different workshops throughout the year, varying in format, age group and location. Workshops are announced on our website and throughout our social media platforms.

What makes this therapy?

Within the structure of our workshops, we identify shared and individual challenges and stressors, which we address from a psychological standpoint (i.e. discussion, teaching coping skills, expression). Not every participant is required to have a mental health condition or even a significant concern in their life, however this is a place for someone with such concerns*.

Our belief is that everyone walks through life with some conflict, ailment or stress, and our structure allows for working through and learning how to cope better with whatever you bring along with you. In addition, the vast majority of participants share common experiences, stresses and fear, thus we can all help each other learn and work through.

(* Screening is required for each interested participant to ensure goodness-of-fit and safety for each workshop)


Tessa Magill, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Wilderness First-Aid & CPR Certified

Cheney Caldwell, Wilderness Enthusiast, Wilderness First Responder & CPR Certified

Steps to get signed up:

  1. Fill out SCREENING FORM and return to us to be placed on our PARTICIPANT LIST (be sure to provide email and phone # so we can contact you)
  2. Once we review this form and determine fit for the workshop, we will ask you to complete the INFO & PERMISSION PACKET below (and DEPOSIT to hold your spot)
  3. Attend the INFORMATION MEETING for all parents/caregivers and participants on the date announced via website or email. 

Workshop formats

In-Ojai workshop: A series of 4 weekly sessions held at various outdoor and hiking locations in and near Ojai. Each week focuses on a different topic and connects to our location. 

Youth Weekend Retreat: A weekend getaway where we camp in a beautiful location explore natural and cultural history, embark on nature walks and therapeutic conversations related to nature’s healing capacity. Regular trips are to Channel Islands National Park, with future trips aimed for other locations such as Los Padres National Forest.

Women’s Retreat: A backpacking or retreat style weekend focused on using nature’s healing capacity to de-stress, unplug, connect to nature, and develop new skills for self-care. *registration fees and donations from our Women’s Retreats help to fund our teen scholarships.