“The MISSION of The Girls Empowerment Workshop is to

EDUCATE, EMPOWER & INSPIRE teens by raising awareness,

developing communication skills and cultivating self respect.”

A young woman with a mind full of knowledge and a deep self respect,
is better equipped to speak her mind clearly, step out of her comfort zone, set clear boundaries,
know she is worthy of going after her dreams and being a part of healthy relationships.
All qualities necessary to making decisions for a positive, healthy, involved and successful life.
Our Workshops create a safe, directed environment, where girls of all races, individualities, gender expression
and socio-economic backgrounds can find common ground and engage in intelligent, open discussion.
Our Workshops focus on issues surrounding teens lives today, including social issues,
media, sexuality, sexual assault awareness, depression, suicide and feminism.
The Girls practice and develop communication skills, 
and learn the importance of honestly and assertively communicating
to others regarding their body, their feelings and their life.
One session is dedicated to women in the community who come in and discuss personal challenges
they have faced and overcome in their lives. It is an open circle where the girls have the opportunity
to ask questions and relate on subjects such as depression, poverty, rape, child abuse, drug addiction, etc.
Girls who are empowered with the information taught in this program are equipped with tools,
resources and the belief that they are worthy to make positive choices
and educated decisions regarding their bodies and their lives.
Depending on class size, some workshops end with a wilderness trip.
Girls who spend time in nature learn to be self reliant and at peace with themselves,
focusing more on being present than what they look like or how others might perceive them.
Nature grounds us, allows us the opportunity to slow down and connect,
with ourselves, our world and each other.
Corporate America would like our girls to believe that their appearance
is more important toward their success and acceptance than who they are or what they do.


Thank You and Love to all of our Community of Sponsors, Partners and Supporters


© The Girls Empowerment Workshop™ is a nonprofit 501(C)3 Charitable Public Foundation.

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