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Mentors / Volunteers

From our Camp Chaperones, Volunteers and Guest Speakers…

“Being a guest speaker at The Girl’s Empowerment Program was a truly soul-warming experience that inspired a new sense of connection for me. What a beautiful evening to share trials, tribulations, and truth with open-minded young women. The Girl’s Empowerment Program shares the core importance of compassion and authentic community support that is needed for young individuals to grow.”
 – Caitlin Roe, Ambassador

“The Girls Empowerment Workshop Campout was an exciting and unique getaway to build trust and confidence in ourselves and others. In a short time, the girls and chaperones bonded beneath the trees, over good food and a campfire. We shared laughs and tears during an anonymous ask-anything Q&A circle. The honest and raw conversation transpired into a simultaneously emotionally saddening and spiritually uplifting space; each of us connected by our humanness and desire to be well. Collectively and individually we peeled back layers of painful truths, and extended hope and positive response to empower and life up one another. I listened to challenges and triumphs by some girls that boggled my mind. Their blunt admissions of harsh struggles forced the realization that everything is relative, we all endure pain and prevail in individual ways. It was beautiful to experience the capacity for love and resilience of the human spirit amongst a group of young humans united by a desire to positively affect the world. Our tribes provide support and foster a sense of unity that makes us better and stronger together. Ultimately, the villages that raise us are where change stems from. I am immensely grateful for the insight I gained into the lives of young women who are strong and competent beyond measure, each one changing the world with her presence of being. The radical group of teen and young adult women involved in Girls Empowerment Workshop are positively affecting the fundamental nature and confidence of girls and women, ultimately creating a ripple effect that benefits our local, national and international community.”
 – Cheney Caldwell, Camp Chaperone, Ambassador

“It was a delight and an honor to experience an evening of contribution, inspiration and connection with the lovely young ladies at The Girls Empowerment Workshop. I enjoyed the authenticity, struggles, humor and wisdom the other speakers offered, as well as the challenge to extend the same when sharing my personal journey. The Girls Empowerment Workshop is a wonderful example of the support, encouragement and positive mentoring that is available when someone such as Tobi Jo steps in with passion and commitment to bring true empowerment into the lives of young people.”
– Elizabeth Reynolds, Guest Speaker : Founder, Lux Amare

“Sharing intimately with young women in a safe environment reminded me of ancient times, when elders shared their wisdom and laughter with the youth. Thank you to the Girls’ Empowerment Workshop and those involved for this amazing opportunity …it was a truly amazing experience, so rich and multi-generational…i feel that the brave women who shared probably got as much from the class as those who listened…vulnerability never felt so good!”
 – Amber Lennon, Guest Speaker

“Thank you for the opportunity to share with these young women, trusting in us and bringing us all together…How brave all these young ladies are. Brave to be so open and trusting, to share. I think we all walked away feeling more human and not so alone.”
 – Carolyn Murphy, Guest Speaker : Super Model

“I believe I got more out of this program than I gave. I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to be there with the girls.”
 – Katrina Dolan, Guest Speaker : Owner of Pure Skin Wellness Spa

“I am so proud to be a part of a program that teaches girls to be strong, stand their ground, voice their opinions, and to make good choices. I truly believe the girls empowerment program is making a positive impact on many lives, including mine and my daughters’. I encourage all you young woman out there to come and be a part of this group.”
 – Joanna Carr, Camp Chaperone, Guest Speaker, Workshop assistant

“I really enjoyed talking to the girls yesterday and was so inspired by the other speakers as well. For each to share her intimate story, to give a peak into life and all the possibilities and twists and turns that life takes. Your program is a life-saving gift. I’m proud to be a part of it.”
 – Jodi Womack, Guest Speaker Owner: No More Nylons

“After being in The Girls Empowerment Workshop as a student in eighth grade and again in High School, being a guest speaker/ Mentor for the first time was really a great experience. I had talked about my experiences before. But when I did it with the full attention of all those girls on me it made me feel empowering, like I was helping them through my experiences. It kinda all sunk in and I accepted myself and everything I went through. I felt healed. It was a great feeling inside. I was so happy that I was able to just come out and say everything.”
 – Karen Quizada, Workshop Alumnae, Teen Mentor, Camp Leader and Guest Speaker

“I cannot express the joy I felt being part of The Girls Empowerment Workshop; I was witness to friendships beginning, confidence expanding, self-respect blossoming, and plain old fun at every session. This program embodies my personal belief that through open, respectful conversations we give our children the greatest gift, knowing that someone cares and that they are essentially and forever worthy of it. The experience of a program like The Girls Empowerment Workshop is invaluable for youth.”
– Suzanne Feldman, Board President of Ojai Valley Youth Foundation