The phrase "It takes a Village" is ringing loudly for The Girls Empowerment Workshop. Our hearts are full of Gratitude with the amount of generosity we have received over the past few months, and years,

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Do what you can


There is so much to do, to fight for, to work toward, to advocate for... Don't let your well run dry. Motivate and move from a place that energizes you. Social justice matters, but we

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Music to my ears


I have heard some beautiful sounds... Water rolling over rocks, breezes through poplar trees, soft rains on dry oak leaves, Bob Dylan singing "Crooked Highway", but nothing soothes my soul and rocks my world like

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My Heart to Yours


    To all the teens girls struggling to find their place, from my heart to yours. I am visualizing my hands on your cheeks and telling you this, "it doesn't matter If you are

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As Mother's Day approaches I'm reflecting on the inspiration behind the creation of The Girls Empowerment Workshop. The unrelenting need to make the world a better place for my daughter and the unrelenting need to

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  I've been thinking a lot about courage lately. Sometimes it might seem as though courage is the absence of fear, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Courageous people appear fearless and confident,

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Among many important things discussed to day in class, there is one that stands out for me in particular, and I will begin with this quote: “Blowing out anothers’ candle does not make our shine

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I was very touched by our class conversation today. Especially by the girls who spoke openly and honestly about the times they have been a bully, what motivated them and how they felt afterwards, as

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Some words of wisdom from “The Four Agreements”… “BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use

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When I was in elementary school my parents got me a book, I cannot remember the title, but I remember the blue cover with stars on it, and weight of it, the whiteness of the

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