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Among many important things discussed to day in class, there is one that stands out for me in particular, and I will begin with this quote: “Blowing out anothers’ candle does not make our shine any brighter.” As women, we must remember that when we embrace another woman’s beauty, accomplishments, thoughts, etc… we allow another human to shine. We all shine differently. Why this pervasive attempt to compete, to hinder anothers success? Why this ever present feeling of not being enough when we are around someone we feel is more? Lets work at this, each of, beginning with ourselves, that we learn to value ourselves so deeply, and respect and love ourselves so fully, that when another persons light is shining, together we burn brighter. Lets show the generations behind us that women can exist peacefully, empowering each other toward greatness. Let us take the energy we have been wasting on useless, degrading thoughts and actions, and focus it on building rather than breaking down.

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