Among many important things discussed to day in class, there is one that stands out for me in particular, and I will begin with this quote: “Blowing out anothers’ candle does not make our shine

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I was very touched by our class conversation today. Especially by the girls who spoke openly and honestly about the times they have been a bully, what motivated them and how they felt afterwards, as

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Some words of wisdom from “The Four Agreements”… “BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use

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When I was in elementary school my parents got me a book, I cannot remember the title, but I remember the blue cover with stars on it, and weight of it, the whiteness of the

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Please tell me if there's a booger in my nose!


Last week I noticed the people I greeted at the coffee shop taking doubt takes. While waiting for my latte I went to the bathroom and under the fluorescent lights realized I had put on

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Our Future


While facilitating a class with a clear outline, time table and subject, it always amazes me just how many questions the girls have, how we never get through the curriculum plan, because discussion takes over

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Being 40


My son and I went to go see ‘Heat’, and during the scene where Sandra Bullock is dancing with a criminal, he says to her, something to the effect of, “you are the first woman over

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For Moms


  Loving growing hugging holding wishing hoping crying screaming laughing wrestling dancing cuddling bathing dressing rocking consoling beaming sharing caressing yelling feeling thanking remembering smiling nursing changing driving fearing accepting teaching learning living … Just

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Throughout your life, remember to take time in the wilderness, if you are able to, where you can absorb the sounds, smells and energy of nature… where you can exist removed from cars, phones, bills,

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For you


Contrary to what media tells us, there are a simple, handful of things that really matter, nurture our soul, and keep us grounded. For the most part, they don’t cost us any money, and as

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